Summary of our wedding supplier (part 1)

Wedding day: 12-13-12
Time: 2:00 pm

Ceremony at Chapel on the Hill, Don Bosco Batulao Nasugbu, Batangas

Contact Ms. Jen 02-7436514
Venue is 12,000 inclusions of sound system; coffee and cookies for early guest
Note that priest is not yet included
(10 star)

For church requirements:
Contact Ms. Anne of Our lady of all nations parish/ archdiocese of Lipa /
View deck Canyon woods 0923-3899742
Fee: P5,000 (share) + P2,150 (processing fee) + P2,500 (priest)
(8 star)


Reception at Beatriz Garden Tagaytay City

Contact Ms. Beatriz Pelino 0922-8713155/ 0917-5572383
Venue is 25,000 inclusions of 1 day use of event place; 1- room with 12 beds (good for overnight stay after the occasion)
(10 star) – for the wedding itself but
(5 star) – for the misunderstanding we experience after the event.


The story goes like this. While we are resting and some are sleeping, the caretaker suddenly enters our room without knocking or asking us if he could walk inside the room.  Once he was inside, he surveys every corner of the room. And then leave the room. After few minutes, he returned and enters the room again in the same manner he did in the first place. And ask my husband if we are booked in that room. He simple said yes. The caretaker leaves again. Once more, after few minutes he returned and asked us if we could share the room with their other guest. I said no, even though there are 3 vacant beds we don’t want to share the room for our safety reason. The venue is large enough and as I remember there are 3 other rooms upstairs’ that can be rented not including the main house and its bedrooms.

Suddenly, a bald man came and enters our room and speaks loud enough to wake some of my guest. He said: we paid for the whole place including this room… (Sorry to forget the other words he mentions but the meaning for me is… he is rich enough to pay the whole area, so what are we doing there?! We are intruder?). I reply: same with me. And an argument starts. They want us to leave because they rented the place. We also rented the place and held my wedding preparation by 10am and wedding reception by 4pm on that day. The room is reserved to us on the night until morning after the event, which I confirmed with the owner. They arrived 10pm because their wedding is schedule tomorrow. We continue our argument outside the room. I mention to their groom to call the owner to settle the issue. We put her in a loud speaker so that everybody can hear our conversation. She apologizes for the incident and mention that the new arrived guest will stay on the main house. I thanked her and said goodbye.

The issue is already resolved but the bald man and his female members are still arguing with my husband’s father and sibling. They still pushing us to leave the room and relocate to the main house which is not applicable since some of my guest are already sleeping. What? Wake them up and tell them that we have to relocate to other room… that’s not fair. Finally, I declare to them: didn’t you hear the owner? You will stay in the main house so stop bothering us. And walk back inside the room. The argument between the bald man and my husband’s father continue for a few minutes until they returned inside the room. We are all irritated by the incident. Our point is… the new guest should inform the owner and not bothering us because we all pay for the rental. And for the owner, she should manage the schedule of her guest to eliminate conflicts.

Actually I love Tita Beatriz for being a nice person. Don’t hesitate to rent the place. It is beautiful and they are still ongoing with the development of it. A simple reminder: finalize your schedule with them and the events before or after your occasion.

Accommodation at Villa Criztel, Alfonso Cavite

Contact Viviana Tagudin 0921-5735932
Venue is 12,000 for the whole house with 4 bedrooms, attic with 8 beds, 2 toilets & 1 powder room, a basement area for videoke.
(9 star) – the water pressure in the toilet is weak. And if you rent this together with a large crowd from your family, relatives and friends… water pressure is an issue. It will cause some delays in the preparation.


Please note that this is based on my own experience and my point of view. Sometimes what happen to me will not happen to other people, but it will be a lesson to everyone.


One thought on “Summary of our wedding supplier (part 1)

  1. GOod day! I want to ak if you had any bad experience with the water supply? Do they have a genset of their own enough to allow lights and sounds for the wedding program? Please reply to me thru my email. It will be a great help to us since we booked them for our wedding next year. Thank u!

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