Discover new words

Momol – meaning make-out make-out lang
A status outside relationship; Mostly people who enjoy being single & mingle around. A mutual understanding of two that allow kissing and cuddle

Momox – meaning make-out make-out extreme
Same with Momol in addition of…
A stage where mostly male who cannot stop their hands roaming around female’s body.

Momowl – meaning make-out make-out with Love
When two Momol fall in love with each other; a happy ending

Cocol – meaning coffee coffee lang
When a person enjoy staying in a coffee shop and mingle with others Cocol

Hohol – meaning hang-out hang-out lang
When a person enjoy hang-out outside (ex. Mall) and mingle with others Hahal

I hope I heard it right from a TV show yesterday since I’m already sleepy.
I never imagine that there are new words for having unofficial or unattached relationship. Other term for a no-string-attached relationship I guess.
For other who is well knowledge to this… your corrections to my definition are most welcome.


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