Maktrav via Buwis-buhay trail (Life threatening Trail) 2012

Maktrav via Buwis-buhay trail (Life threatening Trail)
Makiling Traverse (Sipit trail & ‘new’ buwis-buhay trail)

Day 0
After office hour we went to Los Baños Laguna (Karen’s house). At DLTB com bus terminal in Buendia the line for passenger is stretched, we started to wait 6:00 pm. When we finally ride the bus and proceed our trip, not far from the bus terminal a minor accident happen. A car hit on the side of the Bus. We have to transfer to other bus exactly 8:00 pm then continue our trip to Laguna.

Day 1 (Day hike)
1. Departed Karen’s house 4:30 am after breakfast and preparation
2. Los Baños to Crossing to Turbina
3. Turbina to Km 64/ before Kabaong Bridge/Brgy San Miguel Sto. Tomas
4. Chartered tricycle to Brgy hall for registrataion
The caretaker did not allow us to register because of absence by the officer-on-duty – P20
Anyway we proceed to jump-off – P50
Along the way we hire a guide – P100 per head

Our plan is traversing Mt. Makiling via Palanggana trail but ended up Sipit trail.

5. ETA jump-off, walk toward Kuya Ruben’s kubo.

6. Back to trail & wait for friend who catch-up from Manila
7. Pray & start trek by 7:45 am

8. We confirmed that we follow Sipit trail rather than Palanggana trail as this banner welcome us.

9. We diverted route in some portion because of the muddy & slippery trail and arrive in a ‘Pook na banal’ (Sacred Place).

10. Continue trek and arrive at Station 4

11. Continue trek and arrive at ‘Pook na Banal – Haliging Bato’ (Sacred Place – stone wall) near station 6. The guide informs us regarding the marking for wild boar trap. It scares us and follows only his path.

12. The guide diverted route again in what we call ‘Buwis-buhay trail’ (Life threatening Trail).

The soil slopes from 150 to 120 deg. with loose soil and rocks – very dangerous due to unstable soil and falling stone. We have to continue because this is the shortest way (to heaven) to Peak 3 as suggested by the guide.


In some portion we were departed into groups and try to find our way-out. I headed the trail up to locate possible way and ended up hanging. Literally my feet are hanging in the air, my finger tip trying to hold on a stone and my stomach hit flat into the stone. I remember that I’m calm and accepted the truth that I will fall any second. I cannot hold on anymore, luckily one of my groupmate (Joval) notice my situation and immediately helped me out until I grab a stable root. My feet numb for a moment due to shocking state and eventually I recover and continue our path way up.

13. We reached the end of the ‘Buwis-buhay trail’ (Life threatening Trail) and took our lunch – to rest and recover energy by 11:37

14. We continue our trek upward following the guide ‘new’ trail until we reached Station 12 of Sipit Trail.

15. From this point we follow the established trail up to Peak 3
16. In some portion we were rope climbing. ETA Peak 3 by 3:40 pm

17. Continue to Peak 2
18. ETA Peak 2 by 5:20 pm

19. Descend to UPLB trail
20. ETA UP College of Forestry by 10:00 pm

Walk toward UPLB Main gate, luckily a police multi-cab hitch us (female only) up to Landbank where we can ride jeep. We ask the jeepney driver to pick-up our male friends. They catch-up in the main gate of UPLB, and we continue to Karen’s house (except for Ojay’s group since they directly proceed to Crossing, to Turbina going to Manila).

21. ETA Karen’s house, wash-up and dinner
22. Leave Karen’s house by 1:00 am to Crossing, to Turbina, to Cubao.

Lesson learned

1. Follow established trail, not the red mark trail

2. Its better to wear lighter color of clothes to see ‘limatik’ attached to you. Spray alcohol to your socks. And hand carry alcohol in emergency – Very effective. Approximately, 40 or more limatik attached to my shoes, pants, t-shirt, hand and head/hair for the whole journey. Thankfully nothing in my face.

3. Wear comfortable shoes & socks


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