Coron Itinerary & Budget

P336 – Manila to Busuanga
P711.09 – Busuanga to Manila

Day 1
P0 – Arrival at Busuanga airport
P0 – van to Coron, drop-off at Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse
P0 – stroll around
P150 – Lunch at Centro Coron
P0 – Tour to Mt. Tapyas
P15 – mineral water
P0 – tour to Maquinit hot spring
P300/2 – dinner at Food Trip (Sultana de Coron)

Day 2
P50 – market for supplies prior to island hopping
P40 – extra slipper
P0 – breakfast
P100 – snorkel rental
P0 – island tour
P0 – lunch
P100 – Ship wreck (additional)
P100 – tip
P100 – Lolo nonoy’s

Day 3
P230x3 – shirt
P200 – keychain
P2,500 – balance to Package Tour
P0 – van back to airport
P250 – shirt

Actual budget: P4, 445
Planned budget: P4,660 (w/o souvenirs)

Accommodation & Tour Package– P3,000 + 100 (shipwreck) + 100 (snorkel rental)
Air fare – P1,047.09
Meal – P465
Pasalubong & Souvenirs – P1,180
Tip – P100


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