Love letter

Reminiscing roughly 4 year mountaineering escapade – Climbing is not simple as reaching its summit, there are always obstacle that you will have to overcome before you reached your reward (the peak). Muscle pain, dehydration, hunger, emotional distress, lost, heavy rain, strong winds… are example of hindrances that you have to face. Even though you have planned and prepared as much as possible before you proceed, unintentionally it still happen. As I recall, I therefore conclude that I’m a better person than before. There is always a lesson you will learned through this journey. And sometimes you will look forward for another fruitful climb.

And it excites me more to be in outdoor. Been passionate to this “something”. Something – like excitement, anticipation, etc every time you plan to climb. Something unexplainable in words, as if your heart shouts when you can wait to reach and conquer all obstacles and see yourself standing at the peak of the mountain (or anywhere else like other town or country). Something you will never know (the feeling) until you experience being out there . And sometimes you will look forward for another mountain to climb and other places to see. Your life will not be contented in exploring other one place only but you will be craving for more.

I hope this encourage more people to appreciate and embrace the nature. Be free and enjoy our privilege (works of our Creator – natural wonders are for free to appreciate and admire). But please be careful this freedom always associates with responsibility. Lets enjoy and protect our environment.

– diana ruth 09-15-12

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