My first ride outside neighborhood w/ GYPSY

Exactly 6:00 am, we started our tour
* From Antipolo st., Sampaloc manila to Luneta via Mendiola-Legarda & Ayala Blvd.
* Luneta to Baywalk
* Baywalk to CCP Complex
* CCP to SM Mall of Asia

By 7:30 am we started to take pictures to document this first ride with Gypsy and my Tour de Manila

SM Mall of Asia

looks like I’m going for a race hehe

need a parking slot – nope =)

my photographer and partner in Life =)


Children’s Museum

And Yes, it’s more FUN in Manila =)

Manila Ocean Park

Jose Rizal

* SM moa to World Trade for breakfast
* To CCP, Baywalk, Ocean Park, Luneta
* Back to Ayala Blvd., Legarda, Mendiola
* Stop by at St. Jude and Mini stop for a bottle of water
* To Nagtahan, back to Antipolo st., Sampaloc Manila

We finished our tour by 10:00 am.

Our route (28.8 km)

2 hours rest (nap)
wake up for Lunch
and continue sleep until 6 pm
wake up for Dinner
by 8 pm I’m totally asleep

That’s what you called “first ride”… and Sleep mode the whole day…
I’m not going to telling you how tired I am…


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