Mt Marami 2010

Maragondon, Cavite
Minor Climb

Climb # 14

It’s been a long time since my previous climb (Jan 2010). Actually, I attended review class for my license exam. And my KIT-ONE group patiently waited until I finished my exam. I know you will surely say, they can climb without me… that’s true, but they didn’t because unquestionably I’m going to join them no matter what. So we can say that, they sacrifice and patiently waited so that I can focus more on my study.

But not patiently enough to give way on the day of my license exam. Literally, I have to finished my exam before lunch (Day 2 exam for Architecture is basically whole day since it consist of major subject). As per agreement, I will catch-up with them after my exam.

This climb is special because it is our Second Freedom Climb.

Day 1

1. My morning is frantic because of our last day for license exam. I’m confident because I depend in HIM (our Father above). Every time I have to encircle my answer in the answer sheet, I prayed for the correct answer. I also prayed for guidance and have a clear mind to recall my previous review. In fact, I’m the second person who completed the exam. For me, my reason is to catch-up with the climb. But if given a longer time, I’ll slowly answer my exam.
2. Before 12:00, I left my room and head toward to my apartment.
3. I quickly packed some stuff
4. from Sampaloc Manila to Baclaran
5. Baclaran to Maragondon
6. ETA jump-off
7. Hire guide to assist us (me and my escort- Jhe, the love of my life) since we will do night trek
8. The youngster guide head toward a short trail, but this is more difficult because it consist of steep ascend. It’s much better because since it’s late we don’t want to waste time with the traditional trail
9. ETA campsite, set-up tent and dinner
10. Socials

Day 2
1. Wake up by group of cows, exactly beside our tents.
2. Special breakfast – spaghetti
3. Break camp and ascend summit
Along the way, one of our members suffers difficulties with breathing. The two of them we’re left behind so that others can proceed to summit
4. ETA summit

This is a special summit for me: I really prayed hard to our Father above to have a good result regarding my previous license exam. And praised Him for giving me wisdom to learn and appreciate things that is present because of Him – my family, my love one, my friends, my career, my life, my travels, my mountaineering activities… etc.

5. Descend by traditional trail

We experienced being lost (again). It happened after we commented with the white-body-kind-of-a-tree among the common tree. I mentioned that it may be a foreigner since it wears white skin. Afterward, we come close to a large tree. 5-6 people hand in hand can embrace its body. We never thought of having a photo with it, because of its creepy atmosphere. As if you entered a different world, that’s what I thought. We stopped in a dead end, a fenced wall facing a waterway. Finally, we realize that we are mislaid. We saw a man in the other side of the fence pulling his carabao. We ask for some directions. We waited less than a minute for him (to find his way to us). At first, we traveled to a grass land where he leave his carabao and head back ward to another trail. He is so kind to guide us and lead us to the right path. Finally, we were in the right track. And we thanked him as he goes back.

6. ETA jump-off
7. wash-up, dinner
6. Back to Manila

Our last word for this mountain is… Marami-ng daan, Marami-ng baka, Marami-ng ligaw

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