Mt Talamitam 2010

Nasugbu, Batangas
Minor Climb

Climb # 13

Day 1
1. Buendia to Nasugbu
2. We missed our stop and walk back.
3. ETA brgy to register and hire guide

The hired guide was basically the officer in the brgy and I forgot his name together with his companion. He always mentioned the issue regarding Mang Nick (previous collector – I guess). Also he is proud to declare the progress of their place once they acquired responsible in collecting registration fees.

4. ETA open area where we stargazing.
5. Set-up camp and prepare dinner. The 2 man who assist us descend after dinner
6. Socials.

Our location is infested by ‘higad’. So please do not set-up near the tree.

Day 2
1. Breakfast
2. Ascend summit

3. ETA summit

4. Descend up to jump-off

5. Wash-up
6. Back to Manila


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