Mt Taal 2009 – year end climb

Batangas Province
Minor Climb

Climb # 12 year-end climb

Day 1
1. Manila to Tagaytay
2. Late breakfast and early lunch along Tagaytay Restaurant

This is a comical story for me. We asked the chartered tricycle for an affordable carinderia with a delicious bulalo. Affordable meaning somewhere near the market or any food outlet within a budget price. He delivered us to this Restaurant with a pricey foodstuff, we where shock because for him, he have different understanding about “carinderia” and “affordable food”. That’s what we thought; anyway we cannot turn our back since were already here and we proceed ordering for a group meal at least to save a little. And for my verdict – the bulalo is just pricey but the taste doesn’t suffice our liking.

3. Tricycle to Talisay
4. Arrange pumpboat/ guides

5. Start boat ride
6. ETA Taal volcano, start trek

The trail is dusty and we thought we’re one of the horses, since we already smelled like them hehe.

7. ETA crater

8. Head back to jump-off point, return boat ride
9. Back to Tagaytay

We decided to stay longer in Tagaytay instead of going back to Manila. We rented a good for 4 pax room near Picnic groove. And visit the Picnic groove before it closed.

Day 2
1. Breakfast/Lunch at Picnic Groove
2. Set-up tent in grounds
3. Relax mode/ nap time 🙂

4. back to Olivarez
5. back to Manila


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