Mt Daguldol 2009 – birthday climb

San Juan, Batangas
Minor Climb

Climb # 11

my first birthday climb πŸ™‚

Day 1
1. From Buendia to Lipa

2. Rented van from Lipa to Brgy Hugom, Laiya
3. ETA Brgy Hugom, register
4. start trek along beach front

5. Halo-halo break along the way

6. ETA campsite
7. set-up camp, dinner & socials

Day 2
1. Breakfast
2. Ascend to summit

3. Descend to campsite, break camp
4. Descend up to Laiya beach
5. Side trip – swimming

6. wash-up
7. Back to Lipa
8. Lipa to Manila

Thanks to my KIT-ONE family for the effort of bringing the cake.

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