Mt Sembrano 2009 – part 2

Pililia, Rizal
Minor climb

Climb # 10

First climb of badz & Jhe (love of my life- cheezy :P) . Actually at first, Jhe is not in favor with my mountaineering activities. Sometimes we fight. In the end, he realizes that he cannot persuade me to stop so he better be with me anywhere and anytime (sweet!).

I’m not telling this to make a statement that I’m the “bad-influence” but the other way around. In our previous routine it’s like house-work-mall-sometimes out of town (one or twice a year). But when we started being outdoor enthusiast its more likely house-work-mall-monthly climb- sometimes out of town (4 or 5 times a year). Did you see the difference? Expensive- yes, but in exchange a livelier prospect in life. We appreciate more the natural wonders made for us. We are much aware that we have to help in protecting our nature and also promote its beauty. I’m totally in love with the mountains, the beaches and the sky. What easiest way to overcome stress in life than to be embraced by nature. And I’m glad that I experienced this in my existence. So much for my introduction…

Day 1.
1. From Manila to Tanay Rizal by PUJ.
2. In Tanay Market, ride another PUJ to Pililia Rizal

3. ETA Brgy Malaya, we didn’t register since its late already
4. Start our night trek
5. Take 5 in Manggahan. The trail is different from my previous climb because a storm passed this Region.

6. Continue trek up to Summit, because one of Daryl’s mountain friend is already there with his group.

One of the scariest climb I experienced, night trek plus strong wind from campsite to summit. Also, I’m scared for Jhe and Badz, since it’s their first climb. I really hoped that this experienced will not traumatized them from climbing mountains.

7. ETA summit, set-up camp and prepare dinner
8. Enjoyed our dinner and socials

We are worried about the stealing issue in Mt. Sembrano. So, one of the group assigned some night shift duty to secure the area since some of their climber are newbie’s too.

Day 2.
1. quick breakfast and break camp

2. descend to Manggahan for a “buko” break
3. Arrived in jump-off point, clean-up, socials

4. Back to Tanay
5. Back to Manila

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