Mt Cristobal 2009 – chopsuey climb

Dolores, Quezon
Minor Climb

Climb # 07

Day 1
1. meet up at Jac Liner Kamuning Terminal where the rented vehicle is waiting.
2. Manila to San Pablo
3. stopped over at Jolibee along the highway for breakfast
4. stopped over in a market to buy supplies and visit the adjacent Church
5. ETA Brgy Kinabuhayan, jump-off, register

6. start trek
7. take 5 in montelibano house
8. quick lunch along the way
9. ETA crater, however due to large number of climber from different group we proceed to “saddle”
10. Set-up camp, dinner & socials

Day 2
1. Breakfast & break camp

2. descend up to Brgy Kinabuhayan
3. lunch near river, swim & wash-up

4. Back to Manila

This was organized by KIT-ONE group however due to news about storm within the Region, some of KIT-ONE member back-out. In the end, I’m the only representative of KIT-ONE. This climb was called “chopsuey” since we came from different outdoor group. We met each other in Freedom Climb Victory Party in Cavite. And I alone is the only female among the group.

We also meet AMCI along the way. An old woman caught my attention because she belongs to the AMCI and climb here way up way beyond “saddle”. I remember that my though was: I’m hoping to climb mountains even in my senior years and definitely inspired by this special woman.

Actually, Mt Cristobal is known as Devil’s mountain. Where spirits lives they say. At first, honestly I’m scared but again I have to see it for myself, to know if the story is real. And based on my experience, it might be true or just coincidence. (Day 2) As we break our camp, the adjacent group was having fun with my group. “Fun” meaning censored topic. This guy from other group was suddenly surprised by a fallen part of a tree; big enough to hurt if directly hit a person. When we raised our eyes to check where it came from, we were surprised again because the only possible source is far from our location. We were silenced for a moment. And then they continue talking in a moderate voice and minus censored topic. We descend after packing our things.


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