Mt. Batulao 2009 – part 3

Nasugbu, Batangas
Minor Climb

Climb # 08

Day 1 (halfday from work)
Since Mt Batulao is very accessible (one ride to Pasay (MRT) and one ride bus to Evercrest), we decided to climb it. We leave after lunch to grab some clothes and gadgets. Then we met in Pasay where bus terminal is located that travels directly to Evercrest. Our budget is less than P500 per pax.

Upon arrival in Evercrest, we start our trek with a guide of course. Since provision of ‘child-young adult’ guide is commonly a way of their living, this also help them for their schooling.

It’s wet & muddy when we started our night trek. When we reached the camp, we set-up our tent and prepare a light late dinner.

Day 2
The most beautiful morning is waking up in Mt Batulao – foggy & cold. IMG0284A

We hike one peak not settling to forward up to summit. Then some photo shoots and descends toward campsite to prepare our breakfast.





Our goal is to experience a relaxing ambience in the mountain. Waste time and enjoy the feeling of its environment.




Together with our guides.

Then eventually we have to descend and wash-up in the stores near the bus stop. Back to Manila. Back to reality.

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