Mt Tapulao 2009 freedom climb

Palauig, Zambales
Major Climb

Climb # 06

Day 0
1. meet up in 7eleven Rockwell

2. proceed to Victory liner Caloocan terminal, meet with other climber
3. from Manila to Palauig Zambales

Day 1
1. ETA Palauig, bus stop

2. Ride tricycle to jump-off
3. ETA jump-off, register, quick breakfast

4. start trek

5. stop in water source for trail water
6. stop for lunch, continue trekking

7. emergency camp due to continuous rain (7 pm)
8. prepare dinner, no more socials hehe (too tired)

Day 2
1. Breakfast & break camp

Morning is like a scène in Twilight – pine trees and chilling atmosphere. Unforgettable moment for me. Its better place that the real campsite near bunker.

2. trek to ‘bunker’

3. ascend to summit

4. descend to ‘bunker’

5. prepare for a feast lunch
6. start descend (4pm)

Some is fast enough to arrived in the guard house before 9 pm, but others especially the female climber (including me) arrived 12 am. We set-up camp near the guard house.

Day 3
1. Breakfast & break camp

2. Descend to jump-off
3. Tricycle to White Beach
4. Lunch, Swim & Chill

5. Back to Bus Terminal in Iba
6. Back to Manila

If you will ask me if I will come back to Mt. Tapulao again… (known with its long and winding road which consist of rolling stones & pines), My answer is definitely YES, but please treat me for a ride with 4×4 truck (I heard it is available already).

Lesson learned
– bring enough food & trail food

– do not feast until you arrived safely in jump-off we’re you can buy supplies. We experienced food shortage and ended up with 1 can of Vienna sausage & 2 pack of pancit canton for 6-7 pax.Which we ate in the middle of our descend.

– ensure that one of your companion is equipped with cook set and stove. Again, we experienced to cook food in tin can of vienna sausage using dry wood & alcohol.

– never waste your energy in playing games while trekking. Because you will never know how far your destination will be. And for us – almost 12 hours trek. We played ‘piko’ along the way.

Honestly, this climb is worthy. Even in my daydream, I can recall how beautiful the pine tree and the forest, the serene moment by yourself as you reflect while walking.


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