Mt Batulao 2009 – part 2


Nasugbu, Batangas
Minor Climb

Climb # 05

This climb was organized to assist our first time climber friends (Eros, Jr and Badz) before we join Freedom Climb in June. Daryl as the head and me as the sweeper (both female). We proceed night trek since we have Saturday work.

Day 1. 
1. From Pasay to Nasugbu Batangas
2. Arrived in Evercrest, start night trek.
We didn’t hire any guide since the trail from jump-off to new trail is straightforward. Its more difficult than our previous climb because of the storm passed by with the result of mud-covered trail. While were in the residential area, we missed our way and lost twice. Luckily, we sight another night trek group and follow them since they have a guide.
3. Head toward to New trail, arrived in camp site, set-up camp
4. Prepare dinner, since its 1:30 am in the morning no more socials

Day 2. 
1. Prepare for breakfast and early break camp

2. arrived in summit thru New trail


3. Descend to Old trail
4. Arrived in jump-off point
5. Side trip to Nasugbu beach

6. Back to Bus Terminal
7. Back to Manila

Lesson learned. Never be overconfident about a place if you only been there once, especially at night. Also, it’s faster to trek at night rather than under the heat of sun.



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