Mt Batulao 2009 – part 1

Nasugbu, Batangas Philippines
Minor Climb

Climb # 04

Day 1. 
1. From Pasay to Nasugbu Batangas
2. Arrived in Evercrest, start trek
3. Head to Old trail, arrived in camp site, and set-up camp
4. Relax mode. Honestly, I’m in love with this mountain.. As the saying goes “Don’t change the mountain, let the mountain change you”.

5. Prepare dinner and socials

Even though that I’m having a mild fever after the jump-shot fatigue, we continue to ascend and descend Mt. Batulao. Thanks to Bio-flu (whoa.. feeling endorser).

Day 2. 
1. Prepare for breakfast and early break camp

2. Arrived in summit thru Old trail

3. Descend to New trail
4. Arrived in jump-off point
5. Go to Tagaytay for dinner
6. Back to Bus Stop
7. Back to Manila

While in the jeep going to Olivares, we were thinking of our GROUP name… finally we derived with.. KIT-ONE from masaKIT na kataWAN (change to ONE since we came from ONE Rockwell Project). Proud to be KIT-ONE 😛




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