Mt Sembrano 2009

Pililia, Rizal Philippines
Minor climb

Climb # 02

This is our first climb as a group. We were created from a construction project. At that time, we are still cad operators from different contractors– making individual and combined MEPF services for a high-end condominium in Rockwell Makati.

Patrek, Kyle, Yannah and Ludy– from DATEM (gen con)
Ryl– from JVFlores (electrical)
Ren & Chel- from ICPWI (plumbing & sanitary)

Day 1. 
1. Jeep from Crossing Mandaluyong to Tanay.
2. ETA Tanay market, jeep to Pililia. Were we bought some supplies for the climb.

3. ETA Brgy Malaya, brgy hall to register

4. Start trek

5. ETA manggahan. And enjoy the freshness of buko worth P10 each. We cooked lunch near the mini-falls and enjoy the coldness of its water as we plunge for a moment. Afterwards, we stayed in the manggahan and wait for our friend who catch-up with us. We also witnessed a BMS by Conquer Outdoor group.

6. Ascend to campsite by 4 pm and have a sight of sunset along the way.
7. Set-up camp and prepare dinner
8. Dinner & Socials.
The night is very cold because of the rain and wind velocity present since its an open area. This literally test the strength our new tents and luckily… we survived.

Day 2. 
1. Quick breakfast before ascending to summit
2. ETA summit
3. Descend to campsite, break camp
4. Descend to manggahan, ‘boodle fight” during lunch
5. Descend to jump-off, wash-up and socials
6. Back to Tanay
7. Back to Manila





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