Reminiscing College Life

In 2002,I enter Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Sta. Mesa as an Architecture student.

This is a blessing since we can’t afford other university. In my time the cost of my tuition fee per semester is P500 and per unit is P12. The only expensive are school supplies.

In first semester of 2002, I travel Dasmariñas Cavite to Sta. Mesa every day – very tiring due to heavy traffic and sometimes caught in bad weather.

By Second semester of 2002, I started to live in a boarding house at Teresa (near PUP Main building) – a memorable house since I met lot of friends and experience happiest and loneliness part of my college day. I loved Maggie (also my classmate) and Awuth above all. Awuth is my partner in crime most of the times.

In 2005, we (with Maggie) transfer to a boarding house near CEA  building. And transfer again in a 1- bedroom unit with her siblings near Teresa. And transfer again in a bigger 1 – bedroom unit near Legarda.

We were inseparable, we were live-in partner – our common joke. We separated in 2007 while I’m taking my thesis – due to personal reason. Anyway, we still have connections and I’m Bianca’s Godmother – Maggie’s daughter. The link that will bond us.

In college life, we may experience sticking with one person – our Best friend, but in the long run… and in reality, changes are always present. You’ll be left alone or you will have other friends. They come and go… that’s my conclusion. Its a heart breaking but that’s truth. You have to be flexible to cope up with your environment. And sometimes having many friends rather that single best friend is much better.

Thank you for coming into my life and sharing wonderful memories with you guys! Marianne Gorospe – Maggie, Ruth Pascual – Awuth, Mary Rose Pascual, Ivy Noreen Carlos, Divine Luces and many more

As an architecture student, we commonly have insomnia. In brighter side this helps us finish our drawings and reports. So my usual routine is: Boarding house – CEA bulding (location of architecture course classrooms) – Main building (location of minor subject’s classrooms) – Boarding house.

Luckily,when i met Jhe, we meet up in SM Manila every tuesday to watch movie and have dinner. Sometimes, I also attend music gig with Maggie (vocalist) or Awuth. Most of the times, we hang-out in a computer shop and play online games (with Jhe). Definitely that’s my college life.

Maggie’s band mate

me and Maggie

me and Awuth

(L-R) Mary, Divine, Me, Ivy and Grace

me and Ivy

me and Divine


update: 12Apr13


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